What we do
  • quality, health, safety and environment
  • gpr
  • one call and pipeline locating
  • mapping
  • gps
  • ins
  • quality control


Our mapping crew uses GPS/Glonass WAAS augmented GPS receivers to locate and describe every hazard, access and culture point on the seismic project. An elaborate system of GIS and attribute collection will allow us to identify all potential obstacles to seismic operations, and draw the easiest access (roads, trails, gates) to seismic points. We construct carefully all distance buffers to objects of impact (wells, springs, buildings, dams etc...) that will allow to offset properly each source point and locate receiver points in an optimal location.

We develop and plot meaningful and relevant maps continuously (daily) updated for each crew operating on the seismic project. We commonly create a dozen or more different types of maps for each project, and deliver them in a timely fashion.

What makes Pathfinder different.