What we do
  • quality, health, safety and environment
  • gpr
  • one call and pipeline locating
  • mapping
  • gps
  • ins
  • quality control
What makes Pathfinder different

What makes Pathfinder different

  • Committed to seamless data integration with little or no human number input
  • First large scale Inertial survey contractor in the USA - longest experience...
  • No sub-contractors, all personnel are employees
  • All vehicles and equipment used are owned, not rented or contracted
  • Trucks are equipped with real time GPS tracking units for Safety
  • RTK GPS Equipment is the latest version (V3) R8 Trimble units GLONASS Capable
  • All mapping units are GLONASS capable
  • Safety program has been vetted by Shell and Chevron. Safety record impeccable
  • Database and Map handling
  • Dedicated Pipeline Mapping Crew
  • GPR crew
  • Mechanized Line Clearing for Safety

What makes Pathfinder different.